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Discover a world of educational content designed to help primary school students excel in maths and english. Our PDFs cover key topics and are tailored to engage young learners, making learning at home fun and effective. Start exploring today!

Covers maths and english

Our interactive lessons make learning fun and effective for primary school students.

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All of our worksheets were specially created by a UK teacher with experience in teaching children according to the national curriculum.

Tried and tested

Our worksheets have been utilised by many parents and schools to educate their children.

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What is Teach Weekly?

Teach Weekly is a weekly email containing links to free custom created maths and english worksheets.


Is it free?

Yes, access to the worksheets is entirely free.


Do they follow how maths and english is taught in schools?

Yes, they are custom created by a UK teacher so strictly follow the national curriculum.


How do I make the most of the worksheets?

Make the most of our worksheets by working through each one with your child offering support and help.


Can I change year groups?

Yes, check your email for a link to a page where you can change your year group.


What do I need to be able to view/download the worksheets?

Open the PDF using your standard PDF viewer and print using your own printer.

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Access print-friendly, downloadable Maths and English resources for easy learning

Our aim is to help children succeed at school. Supporting children in Maths and English can be made easier if you have the right resources.

  • Downloadable Worksheets: Instant download of print-friendly resources.
  • Simply Organised: Quick access to grouped worksheets by year and topic.
  • Mark as Completed: Track completed resources.
  • Follows National Curriculum: Aligned with Primary National Curriculum.
  • Achieve Age Expected Standards: Build on school learning from KS1 & KS2.
  • Tried and Tested on Kids: Created from classroom experience.

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